Back in the Trees

I left the forest to be back in the city of trees.  Maybe that’s why I like Northern California so much, it feels like I’m not far from home with a walk to the beach.  During my trip I kept mentioning to my friends that it felt like I was in McCall but Cali style.  Well my first week back I’ve been getting a lot accomplished.  Like I mentioned on my entry prior to leaving I was going to be “sprinting” along with new projects.  The same is true.

This week I spent time finalizing some touches on my new marketing campaign while catching up with some of clients and new partnerships.  Everytime I leave Boise it becomes easier and easier to let go of working at the same speed as I do when I’m home.  All of my projects consist of constantly using my phone, laptop, ipod….anything that needs a charger.  After realizing over the years that Boise doesn’t change in a short period of time and I could be gone for a good couple of months without missing too much, I’m able to enjoy my time away more.  This has also helped me enjoy what I love more than anything: exploring.

My first day exploring San Francisco by foot with the guidance of a friend who currently lives there couldn’t have been at a better time.  I was able to discover things about the city I don’t think I would have realized at an earlier point in my life.  Maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much.  I know that the city has many fans and it is talked about positively by many of my friends and associates but I always take people’s advice on a matter of perspective. After the amount of traveling I’ve done in the past few years especially  and cities I’ve seen, my time in San Francisco I was able to really see what specifics I liked about it.  I have yet to make it to the New York and Boston area but until then I can officially say that San Francisco is my favorite city in all the places I’ve been.

My Northern California comparison to McCall justified itself more after my final stay in San Francisco.  My new friends in Humboldt wanted to join me when they found out I was going in to “the city” as they called it, referring to San Francisco(SF).  After my stay in the woods I was spending an extra day in SF to catch Deerhoof and attend a few gallery openings.  I started to think more about the relation of Boise and McCall.  Maybe that was the reason like the city felt like I was literally “at home” but with my style.  It was hard leaving but knowing that I had discovered something to look forward to and hopefully I can make this a regular trip in the future which motivates me even more.  In the past year of traveling city to city, I definitely saved the best for last.

Now it’s time to get back to work!


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