Demoni Surfing to Tour


A lot is happening for Boise’s very own psychobilly/surf/punk band Demoni in the last 6 months including recording, tour planning and expanding their distribution.  They have recently signed a record deal with 1332 Records to release their next album dedicated to surf with influence from The Ventures.  The official album release date has yet to be announced.

Demoni7In January, Demoni will join other Defendu artists including Nebraska based band Catsmelvin and Glimpse Trio from Oakland, CA on tour. The three bands will be promoting the release of their new music including Catsmelvin’s first album after their “Wrong Side”  release with Rock Band 3.  Glimpse Trio is currently finishing up their sophmore album with the help of Grammy Award Winning engineers Oz Fritz(Tom Waits, Primus) and Doug Sax(The Who, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Kenny Rogers, Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, Earth , Wind and Fire, Anita Baker, The Rolling Stones).

Defendu presents: Cabin Fever Tour 2013

January 26th- 8pm

The Shredder in Boise, ID.


The Bare Bones



Glimpse Trio

For more information on Demoni check out their website.


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