Take a Bite in the News

courtesy: Patrick Sweeney
courtesy: Patrick Sweeney

Still yet to be discovered by a bigger scene in the local community; Uintahs isn’t new they were just hiding out and recording an album.  After releasing their album “Parts” they relocated to Boise, ID from their hometown in Emmett, ID, found a new practice space and were asked for an interview with Boise Weekly.

Read the full article here: Boise Weekly

Uintahs’ sound as “moody and spacey like Morphine,Jason Ringelstetter, co-owner of Tonic Room Studios

Parts is a nice compliment to the fall season; the singer’s voice and the album’s overall warm production are akin to a nice heavy blanket for your ears.- Matt Hopper, musician

The members of Uintahs may not be able to define their sound or agree on the genre but we can say according to their management Defendu who encourages the roster to work with multiple genres there is some punk rock influence on the album but very subtle.   Recorded and produced by lead/frontman Marcus Youngberg the album was mastered at Bill Stevenson’s studio- The Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, CO.  Marcus is also featured on compilation album to be released by Defendu in 2014 with frontman Michael Amend from CatsMelvin(NE).


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