Fall FIRE Finale- Starbelly

After the first full practice for Fall FIRE Finale: “Unity in Diversity” on last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet up with Cecilia Rinn AKA Starbelly, at Mearah’s dance studio on the bench.  Throughout the entire day she was teaching a 7-hour intensive with Samira another local bellydancer and special guys Linda Feore from France.  When she informed me there was going to be a belly dancer making a special appearance in Boise at an underground event,  I was anxious to make my schedule accommodate the time;  unfortunately I was only able to attend the night performance referred to as the Hafla.  At the end of the group practice with Unity in Diversity performers Cecilia told me that the other dancers at the studio were waiting for her before they were going to begin the Hafla.  She said I would probably have time to stop by and see some of the dancing and invited me for the final event.

After catching up with Jared(Unity in Diversity) and catching up with some of the event details I hurried to find the dance studio on the bench.  When arrived there were a few people hanging outside while others were sitting alongside the back wall snacking on food present for everyone.  Cecilia informed me that it was a potluck but I couldn’t tell if the show was over or if I arrived during a break.  Moments later she approached me and told me I just missed Linda(French belly dancer) but she still had a performance coming up.  I was a little disappointed to miss some French culture in my hometown.  If you understood a little bit of my personal style you would understand why I was so eager to see the dance, even without much knowledge of belly dancing.  That’s what Cecilia was for, to give me a background of the local  belly dancing culture to share with you.  Apparently I wanted to jump in blindsided.

I will give you the blindsided introduction to belly dancing if you don’t know much about it.  Here is Cecilia performing at this event:

Dance 1

Dance 2


Ceclia also provided some background information to share with the community about her bellydancing career.

“Cecilia has been bellydancing professionally since 1995. Before falling in love with Middle Eastern dance, Cecilia studied ballet, modern, jazz, flamenco, and choreography for 18 years. Cecilia has performed as a featured dancer across the country including, Seattle, WA, Portland & Eugene, OR, Long Beach, CA, San Antonio, TX, and all throughout Idaho. Locally, Cecilia has delighted audiences at various restaurants, fairs, festival, events, fundraisers, weddings, bridal showers, and private parties. Cecilia has been a feature dancer at the Cazba restaurant (1995-2009), Aladdin restaurant, a special appearance at the Taj Mahal restaurant, and is currently the featured dancer at the Shangri La Tea room. Cecilia prefers to dance to live music and has had the honor of performing with House of Tarab (Seattle), Brothers or the Balidi, Arabesque & Negara (Portland), & Gypsy Flames, Nada Brahma, & Istanbul (Boise).

Cecilia embodies the passion & joy of bellydance. She loves to share that joy by bringing entertaining, spirited and professional belly dance to a multitude of celebrations. Cecilia is sought after instructor, and teaches classes and workshops both locally and nationally. Cecilia works with the best bellydance talent in Idaho under the title “Full Tilt Bellydance”, and is soon to present her student/mentored group the “Balalies”

Along with bellydancing, Cecilia is an award-winning, filmmaker & graphic artist with her production company Full Tilt Boogie L.L.C. “BELLY: Sensual, Scarred, Sacred”, Cecilia’s feature documentary about belly dancers, is now touring the country after a successful premiere at the 2008 Idaho International Film festival. Her award-winning dance short “Full Circle” has shown at several film festivals across the country. Cecilia is also a professional seamstress and costume designer, creating under the name of Star Belly Creations”


Fall FIRE Finale:

Unity in Diversity

October 23, 2010

Boise Centre on The Grove



2 thoughts on “Fall FIRE Finale- Starbelly

  1. Thanks for the kind words! Quick correction: That is not my studio. Samira & I rented it for the day from Mearah, another local bellydancer.

    I am so honored to be involved with “Unity In Diversity”. It’s going to be an amazing show & experience.

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