Redrick Sultan(Canada)


December 21st, 2012

Redrick Sultan

Redrick Sultan has been playing and gigging together for over 9 years. Their live set is based on vocals, guitar, bass, drums and has included a saxophone for the past 4 years. In the studio the group utilizes their multi-instrumentalist talents, which includes keyboards, bass clarinet, flute, oud, mandolin, trombone. They have been inspired by a multitude of artists such as Gentle Giant, Velvet Underground, JS Bach, Led Zeppelin, Thelonious Monk, Tom Waits, and Frank Zappa.

In April 2010, Redrick Sultan release their first full-length album. The band followed that with a 4-week tour of Canada in May, and 2 week tour of western Canada in September. In October 2010 Redrick Sultan began recording their second full-length album, Trolling for Answers. Redrick Sultan released the album on Jan 21, 2012 to a sold out crowd at the Railway Club in Vancouver. The album features 14 guest musicians, including violinist Jesse Zubot, cellist Peggy Lee, saxophonist Chad Makela and rapper Panax.

Redrick Sultan’s live show is an intensely energetic event. Their music combines catchy melodies, intricate arrangements,”beautiful party grooves”, and improvisation. They strive to make each performance a unique experience.

Also: Jorey Edwards, The Bare Bones

Location: The Crux- Boise, ID
Time: 9pm
Cover: $5


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