Kenny Lavitz 10/28/12


October 28th, 2012

Kenny Lavitz

Also: The Bare Bones

Location: The Crux- Boise, ID
Time: 9pm
Cover: $5

“One of the city’s most talented players finally makes The CD that will grab attention everywhere”

“Blues-jazz guitarist, Kenny Lavitz, is a prolific figure in the Portland music scene. Whether playing solo or with his band he can really deliver.”- The Oregonian

Kenny Lavitz grew up in the musical melting pot of New Jersey and New York, and it was there that he learned the rudiments of music. In his early 20’s, wanting to further his musical knowledge, Kenny moved to Miami where he became involved in intense and advanced musical studies and where the fertile mix of Latin rhythms, Jazz, and Blues guided him further along his musical journey. After his studies in Miami, Kenny attended G.I.T. in Los Angeles where he worked with and learned from some of the greatest musicians and teachers in the world. Upon completing his studies, Kenny spent several years touring with a variety of bands as both a lead guitarist and a vocalist. With that apprenticeship completed, Kenny formed his own band, toured successfully for five years before he decided to settle in Portland, Oregon. Kenny is an accomplished, in-demand guitar instructor and performs solo, duo, and with a full band.

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