Pacific Nomadic

September 8th, 2012

Location: The Crux- Boise, ID
Time: 8pm

Also: Marshall Poole, Mickey the Jump

Pacific Nomadic

Pacific Nomadic is indie rock with its heart on its sleeve. Influenced by bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead, Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Appleseed Cast, Pacific Nomadic differs from other indie-rock hopefuls due to their creative passion, honest directive, and inspired ability to turn simple melodies into tunes that stick with listeners for days. Pacific Nomadic is Joe Morgan (guitar/vocals), Nate Ihli (drums), and Eric Maloney (bass/keyboard).

Mickey the Jump

Named after the boxing champion persona of sleepwalking singer/songwriter Nate Berrian, Mickey the Jump creates indie/folk music that is at once inviting and unsettling. Ranging from two to six members at a time the band features friends who originally hail from Kentucky, Oregon, California, and Idaho who came together with their love of music and the fact that they all worked at the same coffee shop/ music venue in Nampa, Idaho. The rawness and immediacy of bands such as Neutral Milk Hotel and mewithoutYou comes through as the band explores with simplicity, yet mystery, the highs and lows of being alive. The band’s current formation includes members taking turns at banjo, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, organ, accordion, bass, and drums. Foot stomping and hand clapping are hard to keep to yourself. The songs don’t “tug” at any heart-strings, they grab and pull with no intention of relenting. Mickey the Jump is like what the kids are digging, except this has got soul.

Marshall Poole

Marshall Poole formed in Caldwell, Idaho in 2010. The band members include Melanie Radford on bass and vocals, Michael Hoobery on percussion, and Rider Soran on guitar and vocals. Primary influeces for the band include: The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and The Beatles. In July 2011, Marshall Poole released its debut album independently. Recorded within weekends in an old high school drama room

over a span of two months, “Marshall Poole” is a showcase of the three young musician’s talent. Recently, Marshall Poole recorded a batch of new tracks which are featured in the SonicBids EPK and will soon be online for people to download. Many new songs are being written all the time by the songwriting duo of Melanie Radford and Rider Soran. Marshall Poole plays in numerous venues all over Idaho and will soon be branching out across the northwest.

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