September 5th, 2012

Location: The Crux- Boise, ID
Time: 8pm

Also: Teton Avenue and John Austin


‘It’s no small feat when someone can come along with just a voice and an acoustic guitar and make you feel like you haven’t heard it all before…[boog] jams Nick Cave bite, Tom Waits weirdness and Dylanesque storytelling acumen into his Southern Gothic-tinged folk, and yet doesn’t really sound like any of those dudes. With a strangely accented, occasionally unhinged baritone and sometimes-frantic strums, boog colors his dark, immersive character sketches with rum kisses, squirming worms, lamb-eyed stares and vagrant’s dreams.’
Michael Alan Goldberg, Philadelphia Weekly

‘Regency, the latest EP from boog, serves as a reminder to us all that sometimes more can be done on 4 tracks than 24. boog’s unique style takes on a whole new dimension against clipping bass drums and overdriven guitars in a modern Nebraska-esque chaos and energy that only boog can create.’
Dan Taney, Engineer, Drummer, A Life In Reverse

Philadelphia songwriter boog has opened the doors to his Rock and Roll citadel with his newest EP, Regency.  A sonic departure from his eponymous 2011 solo album, Regency brings together fuzz-drenched drums, slapping vocal echoes, and spring-loaded guitar lines in a cowpunk-meets-doo-wop saga.  Lyrically, the record explores warring concepts—guilt and freedom, power and longing, ambition and fear, success and ethic— through a courtly lens, mindful of the most magnificent king, the lowliest serf, and all hands in between.  Lo-fi in sound, feudal in content, and Rock and Roll at heart, Regency follows the model of boog’s previous work, only in that it follows no model but its own.


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