The Hague

August 31st, 2012

Location: Tom Grainey’s- Boise, ID
Time: 9pm

Also: Hey V Kay and James Plane Wreck

The Hague

“Everything about this band seems to disorient your perceptions. For a band with a slightly tough-guy aesthetic, they are real sweethearts. Their lyrics are mostly heartfelt and honest reflections on relationships. They even have a violin underpinning most of their songs, to lighten their indie rock abruptness. It’s hard to dislike these guys. In the song “Birthday Suite” the lead singer and guitarist, Shawn employs some impressive finger-tapping on his guitar. It is reminiscent of many late 90′s and early 2000′s math-rock efforts, but juxtaposed with a violin and heavy handed drummer. Seriously awesome…. understanding comes without asking anything. Just listen. Stop fretting.”-Seattle Show Gal

“A tribute to the trials of the young and the aimless…something so catchy and effective that it leaves everything else in the dust.”-The Missoula Independent

The Hague have played with international acts such Murder By Death, The Appleseed Cast, The Paper Chase, The Globes, Blunt Mechanic, The Lonely Forest, God is an Astronaut, Look Mexico, and the Smoking Popes.

Hey V Kay

Hey V Kay is the work of singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Boise, Idaho native Karen Havey. Heavily inspired by 80’s synthesized melodies and electronic dance beats, her music uses a blend of guitar, strings, and synthesizers to create a multi-layered, cinematic quality sound enhanced by her unique and androgynous vocals.


James Plane Wreck

JamesPlaneWreck consists of singer/songwriter Aaron Smith, Shaun Shireman, Andrew Bagley and Shane Brown.Reformed in the summer of 2011. This continuation of premium rock and roll will proceed to give you what you need!


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