Deathray Monday

July 9th, 2012

Location: Grainey’s- Boise, ID
Cover: FREE

Deathray, James Plane Wreck, Fugue

Together from 1998 til 2007, Deathray included Dana Gumbiner and former Cake members Greg Brown, Victor Damiani and Todd Roper. After selling 5000+ copies of their demo EP, Deathray was signed to Capricorn Records, and recorded their debut with producer Eric Valentine. The self-titled album was released in 2000, and shortly afterward Capricorn announced the sales of their catalog and assets to another label. Deathray was granted a release from their contract and retained all rights to their first record, which the band has subsequently re-released independently.
Deathray continued to tour nationally and promote their music to an ever-increasing and devoted fan base. In 2002, they released a critically acclaimed EP, White Sleeves, on the Doppler Records imprint (a label founded by Victor and Keara Fallon). During this time, members of Deathray branched out as producers, engineers, studio owners and session musicians, working with artists such as The High Speed Scene, Matt Sharp, Virgil Shaw, Golden Shoulders and Daisy Spot.
The latest Deathray album, titled “Believe Me” was released in late 2005. It was offered exclusively through the band’s website and has since sold out of it’s initial run (it has since been re-issued on iTunes). Recorded (again!) with producer Eric Valentine at his Hollywood studio, “Believe Me” was made using a variety of Beatles-era gear, including the original Abbey Road mixing console used to make Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ LP.
Many of Deathray’s songs have been featured in film and TV, including placements in Summerland, One Tree Hill, The Unit and Ghost Whisperer. In 2006, Deathray had two songs featured in a film called Open Season from Sony Pictures Animation. In early 2007, Dana opened a new recording studio, Station To Station. In June of 2007 the band called it quits to focus on new projects.


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