Underground Church

I found this in my blog drafts folder and decided instead of deleting it because it was outdated I would share and add a small update.


Old draft created on 9/28/10:

One of the better local shows of this year was tonight and I had anticipated nothing more than my usual expectation of the band; Pussygutt.  Just because I had a usual expectation didn’t mean I wasn’t going to enjoy the show at the same level as all the other times, it’s just that I knew that the band was going to put on a great show as usual. Sitting back in the couch in front of the sound booth at the Visual Arts Collective(VaC) I thought to myself, live music really is my church.  Nothing better than Doom on a Sunday with some great like-minded company.

The band now goes by the name Wolveserpent but I’ve liked them since the days they were playing smaller shows around town.  This was one of the few local bands I respected in many different ways and have been a fan since my good friend Justin Cantrell introduced them to me.  It was usually his way of getting me to come to a show especially since there weren’t many other bands in Boise similiar to them.  The only way I could get my instrumental doom fix was with Pussygutt.  After many shows and years passing by I never had the guts to let the band know how much I loved their music.  I really had a pussy gut.  It shouldn’t have been that hard.  It’s not like I didn’t have a way of talking to them, in the beginning they were either at my house for a show or stopping by to pick something up.  Justin never understood why I couldn’t talk to them. I just created a wall for myself and I don’t know why it happened.

I ran into one of the members, Blake a few times throughout the week before this show.  Outside The Fixx coffeeshop on Bannock, The Plank on Vista and outside the infamous Neurolux where he handed me a hand made flyer that resembled an invitation to a private event.  I usually don’t pay that much attention to the number of encounters I have with artists around town, but to me the members of this band were different.  I’ve talked and worked with dozens of celebrities but I don’t know why it took me so long to even let someone know what I thought of their music when it was on a more personal level.

At the VaC show I finally rationalized with myself that I needed to tell them in case there was some point at which they just decided to quit or lose any motivation to continue creating their music.  I was afraid of experiencing a withdrawal or something.  After their set Blake  walked up to the bar at VaC.  With the helped of a few Porters I let him know how much I liked their music.  That was it.  Why was it so hard? I still don’t know and I still haven’t said anything to them since then.  Guess they may find out by someone reading this blog that their #1 fan is right in their hometown and may never really know unless someone else spits it out.


continued: 11/19/11

It was over a year ago when I originally wrote this blog.  Now the band has gone international.  It’s always crazy to see where some bands may lead.  As an audience member you may see them play their last show or it may be the night that takes them to a whole other level.  That’s what the thrill is about live music.  It’s the moment and it can never be recreated again.


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