My lack of updating this portion of my website is not due to having little to write about.  In fact, just the opposite.  I haven’t had time to update the new things I’ve been involved in because I have found myself creating new paths and maintaining the usual.  I found myself to be a little annoyed about not having time to update and share the new things as they were happening.  Not only for you but for me to look back and see the progress I’ve made.  There are so many weird things or encounters I’ve wanted to share with you including new services, random comments from random people and photos.

Yesterday was just another day in which I have to defend the reason for my interest in the arts and my passion for supporting those involved.   I was reminded why I feel that keeping updates about my music happenings is important.  It has nothing to do with pushing an event in your face but to be more informative about what goes on in the business side of music as well as some interesting thoughts I have along the way.  An encounter like last night is one of those incidences I would like to share with others.

Let’s start with the end of the conversation and I will bring you back to where it started.  The final comment of this conversation ended with this: “There are too many artists out there.  There need to be more doctors and scientists.  Why don’t they go to school and get a degree?”

Now if you were me, what would you say to this?  Let me remind you I ended the conversation at this point.  I felt that no matter what I said to this person it wasn’t going to open their mind to understand the personality type of the artist or the meaning of art.  The conversation was troublesome in the beginning but the final remark let me identify this individual in one of the many categories I will file people based on their conversations with me on culture and life in general.  This concluded why their entire conversation with me was so vague and why they couldn’t answer questions I had regarding their absolute loves and hates.  They didn’t know how to explain why they passionate about specific things and hated others.

What would you say to this person if you were me?



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