Rocking ready to roll….

Many people have been wondering what I’ve been up to and others have observed how busy I’ve been either by my lack of involvement in regular activities or observing through Twitter or elsewhere.  The last week of April things started picking up and my schedule went into overtime.   My working schedule existed around the hours before and after 4am-8am.  One day in my office I looked up at my giant calendar to review the events for the coming months.  I made a comment at one point about “if I make it through the month of May…”  I tried going back through my Twitter feed because I thought that’s where I made a mention of it but failed to find it.  Well the month is almost over.  It was as thrilling, stressful, eventful and exhausting in every aspect you could ever imagine.  I’m just going to leave it at that.  A person such as myself who is bad with words, couldn’t even begin to start coloring the story in a proper fashion.  All I would like to say is thank you to everyone who is always supporting me, encouraging me and patient especially in a time like this.  Your little messages and kind words helped me get through a big transition going on in my life right now.  Unfortunately with the good there is always bad.  During this time and I learned something I don’t think I could have if all the chaos didn’t happen at once.  The gems in my life really shined through.  It’s hard to see who they are when people are always pulling you in different directions.  The saddest part were those around you who you thought you knew or wanted to know more were not who they presented themselves to be.  The only thing left to do now is keep the focus on the goal but it’s refreshing and bittersweet knowing that somethings can be eliminated now.  There are a lot of great things going on in our local Boise community and beyond.  I’m looking forward to the month of June to spend time with my teams to make their projects bigger than they anticipated and working with all the new people I’ve met in the last month. I celebrated making it through the month last night with one of my best friends, mentor and business partner.  Here is a picture I had her take so I could remind myself “We made it!”

We live, we learn but in the middle of it all, let’s just rock-n-roll…..


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