April already?

Where has the time gone? Fall, Winter and into Spring already? I’m usually asking for summer to be sooner by this time but instead I’m looking back at the last five months wondering where it all went.  You may be asking where I have been as well. I guess this is a good time to update you on some of my latest activitivies.

Since my last trip to California I’ve been trying to tie some ends with a few of my biggest projects ready to be announced or be in “full-swing”.  I have one musician and author under my parent company I’m managing full-time as well as servicing musicians with my promotions including merchandising and print.  I’m also working on a new program for our local artists during this time. 

I’ve also been trying to get my new music agency underway but my business partner has been having some major health issues so I’ve only been able to get things in order at this time untili she fully heals.   Since my time in California there has been an unexpected complication for her.  This lead me to another project I’m currently working on which is the “We heART Anneliessa” benefit at VaC on May 13th for my partner.  I’m happy that with the help of Pixie Merrick we are able to get some special entertainment for the evening just for Anneliessa and her fundraiser.  We will be holding a silent auction with items donated from her friends in our local Boise community as well as from her friends who live or travel around the world.  So far we have had great support getting the word out about the fundraising and have raised around $875 within a few weeks the last time I checked.

So from now until this fundraiser is over and a few months after I will continue to have my feet planted behend the scenes organizing, crunching numbers, researching and planning for my clients.  Just because you don’t hear from me doesn’t mean I’m not active somewhere, it probably means I’m extremely busy working on behalf of others.  That’s the art of my business.


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