Madonna’s Words

I started watching VH1 Classics special of “Madonna:Truth or Dare” during the end of the movie and found myself sharing the same values Madonna had at one time.  This aligns with my reasoning for promoting music and working with particular artists.  She explains further about the impact of a live performance in which I feel every show should be about, unfortunately few artists understand this.  The stage is the platform for the musical performance just like a traditional performance of an artist in a gallery; hence performing arts.

“My show is not a conventional rock show but a theatrical presentation of my music and like theatre it asks questions,revokes thought and takes you on an emotional journey…I do not endorse a way of life but describe one and the audience is left to make its own decisions and judgements…this is what I consider freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of thought.  Every night…I say a prayer…that the audience will watch with an open heart and an open mind and see it as a celebration of love, life and humanity”

I dedicate this song to this entry.  Are you ready to “Jump”?


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