Songwriter Ending

There are few songs that can reach out to people on a much deeper level than just the rhythm or lyrics.  It has to be the right moment in time when the listener hears the song for the first time and the meaning becomes theirs.  When I find those songs they become so valuable to me that it becomes part of my day to listen to them.  It’s not odd for me to listen to it 15 times in a row or nothing else at all for a few weeks.  Sometimes it depends on my mood or my activites as well. If I’m in a creative mood that’s when I tend to listen to them repeatedly.  They will spark a feeling that will get ideas flowing from one thing to the next transforming to my inspiration.

I know there are songs out there that do the same for others and it could happen more often if people were exposed to more music.  Which is one of the many cases I choose to promote music. I’m able to confine in a song so deeply that it’s almost a cure of something I’m unaware about until I hear the song.  I’m not only finding a cure but I become more aware of what was on my mind.  I can’t be the only one. It’s almost like a slap on the forehead when you do find that special song.  A chorus and a few notes can speak years.  That’s the most interesting part about music.  The way it can make you feel or say what you didn’t know how to say.

Once or twice a year I’m lucky and I’m able to find that song.  This season I’ve found that song in Stars.  This song explains a very simple but complex story in my life.  The drums build the complication and dramatics while the lyrics, well they explain it all.  This is a small inside scoop of the personal side of me.  It’s only shared for the love of music.

Check out Stars “My Ex-Lover is Dead” dedicated to one of my favorite people.


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