The Beginning of the End.

The past four weeks I have been off my usual radar hiatus.  I had approximately a month left to focus on school and other projects.  Before I got involved with Rock ‘N Bowl Week festival I thought it was going to be a power month of school and launching my endeavours.  That was before the festival grew before our eyes.  The three days we planned for events stretched into a week.  The closer the Bowl game approached more people wanted to get involved.  Between classes I was meeting with my team and those interested in partnering with us.  With a few weeks into the development we had all the venues and artists booked. Our third week we suddenly had some of our ideas expand including raising money for another local organization and coincidentally meeting a new bar owner.  In a matter of hours we had about 5 new events added to our schedule.  Things were multiplying fast.  As exciting as it was to see how much we had accomplished with the little time we were given with little resources and budget, in the back of my head all I could imagine was the outcome of me not passing one of my classes.

There is a lot planned out for 2011 and even more since some of the things have been pushed back.  Devastation if my last two classes don’t work out the way I planned. It is all up to the outcome of one class. I spent hours studying for it early in the semester while I was on tour and during the hectic festival planning. Has anyone ever sent you the email of how precious a minute is? That is going through my head about 5 times a day.


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