Time for an Aquarian

I just booked my next trip to visit a good friend in San Francisco and meet up with some bands in Redwoods.  While I’m in San Francisco I’m hoping to get a quick feel of the current art/music scene as well as snag a few weeklys.  I know I can check their listings online but it’s not the same as having some paper in your hands to markup and fold the pages.  Although I am very tech oriented, I may be one of the last people to buy the Kindle or other similar products because of this.  During my time away I will also be catching up with a few members of bands I’ve worked with last year.   I’m not going to lie, I also hope to find some time next to the water to get some of my creative energies flowing.  On my spring tour with RevoltRevolt I discovered a secret cliff on a hike in the Redwoods that reminded me of my favorite piece by Erin Ruiz.  During this visit it was the beginning of developing the concept of my record label Defendu with Anneliessa Balk and at that moment I realized that I had to have Erin working with us somehow.  Fortunately we are and proud to present her as our in-house designer. Currently she is working on our logo.  More to come on the label soon!

There are a lot of things going on in Boise right now not including my own projects- managing artists, booking, merchandising, launching a record label, publishing a book, creating a trade show, researching a new marketing service and figuring out how I want to start a culture piece about my travels.   Seems like there is a lot of energy flow in the arts as if the lava is heating up under the streets of Boise.  I can see something in 2011 or by early 2012 making some waves and it’s exciting to look around at my peers to see we are all contributing somehow.

For now I will be making my toast to the waves and celebrate being an Aquarius by the water but know when I come  back I probably will be hitting the town sprinting.


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