OH! What?

I was informed that someone’s birthday was this week and that their favorite band happened to be in town just a few days before  At the age of 14 I remember dreaming about seeing a favorite band around my birthday.  During this time radio stations gave away tickets and I was one of the many trying to win them.  Unfortunately with the downturn in the economy a lot of people cannot afford to go to shows and it seems there is less promotion for events in the mainstream level.  On behalf of the the Knitting Factory I made the opportunity for this 14 year old to see her favorite band as a special birthday gift.  If teenagers are still eager to see live shows I want to be able to support them.  Besides the memorable experience you receive at a live show, as a birthday present to see your favorite band is priceless.  I’m trying to always see what is going on in the different music markets to see what people are interested in and what is drawing their attention.  I also wanted to make a birthday wish come true so I thought 3OH!3 show was a great opportunity to accomplish this and conduct some research.

After arriving at the show I noticed a lot of “X”s and it threw me off a little.  I was looking up to many people and I don’t feel I “act” my age for the most part but the “X” on the back of the hands compared to my wristband made me feel a lot older.  One of the opening bands was Hellogoodbye a band I used to listen to a few years ago when I would run but haven’t heard much of them since the myspace launch.  They were one of the first bands that started making the electronic/pop trend move to the mainstream.  When they started their set the crowd stopped all of their dancing and almost went into some type of trance.  Although the band changed their sound naturally as one should as the years progress, they are at the peak of yet another moving trend in music.  The crowd was not into it.  This is the same problem with attendance at upcoming artists shows at smaller venues.  How do you close the gap and educate people that the music they are seeing today started at a much smaller level and they had a high chance of meeting the bands if they were so inclined?  Personally I found the smaller shows more intimate.  If the teenagers at these shows are a part of the music marketing formula how do we get them to open up to the bar shows when they are of age?

…more later


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