Old and New Old

Sometimes we find ourselves at a point in time when things feel like they have fallen apart. We build them up.  They seem to fall again. Or we feel as if everything around us that was once familiar has left us at a place unfamiliar.  The people we thought who were our stability are not who you thought they were.  Another period in life we start to find a pattern.  When we least expect it we find ourselves focused on what our long-term goal was since the beginning of all these periods.  New people are involved but the difference this time is that they are here to help.  It’s as if the other periods was a weeding process to determine who the people are that say they are and if they say who they are and support you, they are at this last period with you.  Unfortunately it may be no one from the past but is it really unfortunate? Shouldn’t they have been by your side through this incredible journey regardlesss of the risks? Instead we find ourselves with others sharing similiar pasts of progressive growth professionally and personally. They have a likelihood to be our futures. 

This past week I’ve had incredible stories of triumph and strength shared with me.  Souls that aren’t lost but finding themselves confused by those who are.  A quandary of the motivated, intelligent and struggling possible futures of our society.  Their break: finances. Their yield: lost friends. Their goal: passionate success. 

The amount of change mixing in our local subculture right now has the potential to incorporate these like minded thinkers.  As many of us hide in our “caves” for the winter reflecting on our lives and work on our passions; i foresee  spring and summer spinning some heads in the mainstream. Thoughts are turning. Sparks of ideas are lit and it’s just a matter of connecting the right dots in order to see the big picture.


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