Trick AND Treat

Friday night had me contemplating whether I should go out or stay in and catch up on work and school because I knew all of the activities that were ahead of me thru Sunday.  Last minute I found out that the Russian Circles were playing and remembered Azure Ray was playing as well at Neurolux. I was also interested in catching up with a good friend I haven’t seen in months.  If Linda was playing at VaC like I originally thought it would have been my decision maker. Instead I found myself deciding to take it easy at my house relaxing for the first time in a few months.  My other options were tentative.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like making decisions and when it comes to leisure time I don’t want to make any. That’s how I finally concluded what Friday was going to be about.  A few minutes after turning Sin City on(still haven’t seen it) a local artist called me.  I spaced that I was going to meet up with him and go over his interest in me helping him with his new band.  Not making a decision turned out perfectly. I would rather be talking about building music than catching up with everyone, venue to venue.  I mean I just got back from tour! The meeting turned out great and was the start of a great weekend as well.

Saturday night was the big VaC night.  I met a few friends down there to check out some of my local favorites: Nollifur, Red Light Variety, Owlright, Wolveserpent and had a chance to check out Guidance Counselor and Copy for the first time.

After talking to a few friends once I arrived, Nollifur came up to my while I was standing next to the bar.  I was caught by surprise when he asked me “Would you be interested in wearing spandex tonight?” The first reaction I had was not that I would object but instead I asked him “What color?”.  He says “Gold”.  I probably had a look on my face that I needed to visualize and he waved his hand whil suggesting I go check it out in the greenroom.  First we had to see if the helmet for the costume was going to work, which it didn’t.  We had to go find my fellow gold dancer to see if her helmet would fit better.  Back in the greenroom after properly fit helmets were assigned, I had to try on the gold spandex jumpsuit while the girls of Redlight were changing for their sets. A fit. I decided to change back to my costume for the time being but I knew I was going to miss some of Wolveserpents set in order to change.  Nollifur was performing right after.  Right when I thought they were done I raced back to change and found myself ready but they were still playing. I chose the music over disguise and found myself banging my head in front of their set in the gold suit.

Show time. My dancing partner and I entered the stage floor trying to pump up the crowd and used the air guns with scraps of fabric ammo, provided by Nollifur to get heir attention.  Halfway into the set I found my hair in my face and extremely hot in the helmet.  The fog was also making it a lot harder to see.  My biggest concern was tripping on the stage stairs.  I kept walking around between the floor and stage trying not to be stagnant dancer.  After the set we went back to the greenroom eager to take our helmets off.  Back at the bar my friends said they were trying to figure out which one was me.  Success.  A few more sets left, a couple of my special VaC PBR drinks and major dancing I concluded it was one of the best nights at VaC.  Where else can you go to see two of your favorite genres in one night with some of your favorite people?  If you missed the show I highly recommend checking out Guidance Counselor on their next visit.

Then it was Sunday.  Usually referred to as the day of rest or Sunday funday.  The end of the night became jaw dropping incredible. I didn’t know until the middle of the day whether Adai was really playing at the Redroom or not. My friend tried playing a joke with me about their appearance. At first I though he was telling me that to trick me into going to the show.  When I mentioned I was going to text the band he denied that they were really coming. Later in the day he asked me again. This time I texted Justin from Adai.  He confirmed saying they were just a few hours away.  I’m glad I have their number. I would have missed one of my favorite bands.  Although I was a little disappointed in them and my friend who booked them for not telling me.  I could have missed it and then someone would have seen me pretty upset.  It’s been about 3 years since I first saw them and found out about them.  However, i did see them in their hometown of Denver this summer on my visit. They played in the basement of my house the first time I saw the and the Denver show was incomparable.  Since the basement show I’ve used the picture I took of their light stack for a majority of my profile pictures on various accounts.  If you have been following along with me for a while I can almost guarantee you have seen it.

Before their show I made plans with two friends to check out the house show. John E Combat and The Jungle Fucks were playing.  My friend Isaac has been insisting I check them out, so I did.  To my surprise I also found The Maladroids moving furniture in the basement prepping for their set. Just another added music surprise for my weekend.  Christian ended up cutting himself and continued to play.  I took a picture of this raw piece of music art.

A few Murphy’s and bands later, I looked t my phone and decided it was probably time to go see if Adai was playing.  I arrived at the right time. After I walked in I saw Justin at the merch booth and gave him a hug. They were just getting ready for their set.  The sound seemed bad to me but i was only concerned with the other audience members getting the full Adai experience. Some of my friends ended up coming down afterwards missing it but they were there for the Redroom finale. That was the cherry for the weekend.  The demolition at Redroom their last night at that location. I don’t need to go into details, just ask your fellow music advocates who may have been there.  That’s just an example of what you miss out on when you don’t go to shows. Real live entertainment.

I found some other symbolic occurrences later that night as well.  There is a new music scene in Boise.  This weekend was a three day Halloween masterpiece.  All of the best things going on in music right now People had an opportunity to check out.  If you missed it, don’t be surprised to see the new changes coming from our subculture.  The 2-3 years many of us have been working on our own projects through trial and error.  Now I’m seeing that the fine tuning is underway.  I predict Boise music a year or two years from now is going to be completely different.  The change is happening right now and its exciting!

After writing this and rereading the part about the trick with Adai, I realized that must have been my trick-or-treat.  It ended up being a trick AND treat.- xoxo Adai


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