Tour High


I made a previous post earlier this year regarding touring and the fall from a natural high upon return back to “the daily”.  This tour was a little different than the last partially because I stayed in the same state the majority of the time.  My tour experience last spring I travelled thru Texas, California and up the west coast to Seattle. The amount of culture and people I encountered in less than 3 weeks was mind blowing.  This tour involved less miles, less couch surfing and less food finding which created a far different dynamic.  Instead I found myself close to the end of the tour intrigued by the “ultimate fan”.  My environment night to night was pretty much the same for the most part. Different venue, different city and some different fans. The routine was the same.  Load-in early evening for soundcheck, grab some greenroom food or go to a local spot using the buyout money and then back to the venue before doors opened. Since the context of my environment didn’t change much especially staying within the state of Florida most of the time, there wasn’t much to analyze as far as music culture.  The fans in particular were becoming interesting to me. Traveling from coast to coast throughout Florida we had fans coming to every show. I can’t imagine going to the same show 6 nights a week as an audience member.  Some of the fans were traveling by themselves almost literally following the Built to Spill tour bus.  Some claiming that Dug is a genius and his hero while others were obsessed with hearing the music live and couldn’t get enough of it.

What is it about people that moves them?  Here I am again in a different scene with different music and the same rules apply to my analyzation of metal music.  For one night people come together to celebrate life with friends or quietly to themselves. Different cultures, different values and different lifestyles.  City to city people put their daily problems aside to go to he show regardless of the consequences after.  Some skipped school, used the last bit of money they had to get a ticket or buy merch and others juggled a good late night evening with an early morning schedule.  Some of the struggling cities from the recession fans felt this was their boost.  It was as if they considered the show to be their fuel moving forward.  Regardless of what tomorrow brought, the night of the show they were going to put all their worries aside; for one night.

If music moves people in such a way what can we do to continue to move one another in working together using music as the fuel?

…to be continued


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