Fall FIRE Finale- Jared Hallock


Jared Hallock

Jared Hallock’s years as a performer have led him down many roads. Holding a degree in Percussion Performance from the University of Idaho, he has shared many a stage. From jazz combos to funk bands, orchestral work to the avante garde, he thrives on exploring all avenues of performance art. Recently Hallock has created theatrical/musical stage shows, acted in plays, and performed with a variety of musical groups. Using a grant from the National Foundation for the Arts, Hallock also works with the community to help nurture young artists.

Currently Hallock is exploring the world of experimental music, as well as writing music for indie films, stage, and dance. Following in the footsteps of Phillip Glass and John Cage, he creates music using both traditional and nontraditional instruments. Some of his compositions include the use of cups, body percussion, spoons, electronic percussion, and anything else within reach. As a result of his eclectic explorations, Hallock has become a regular performer as a drummer, marimba player, composer, and clinician in the Pacific Northwest.

Hallock just released Project 213’s debut c.d. entitled Fish Tales, as well as the soundtrack to the local indie movie entitled “Cannibals”. Both are available at your favorite internet music site.

Fall FIRE Finale:

Unity in Diversity

October 23, 2010

Boise Centre on The Grove



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