Fall FIRE Finale- Red Light Variety Show

One of the most popular local acts in recent years known as the Red Light Variety Show, will be performing the Fall FIRE Finale: “Unity in Diversity” on October 23, 2010.  In case you haven’t had the opportunity to see this local variety show, we assure you this one is family friendly and sure to amaze you.  Many members involved in the variety have become local business owners offering classes to educate the community about alternative performing arts. I asked a few of the members to provide some background information about themselves and discuss some of their latest accomplishments.

Allison Holley- Pole Dancer

I’m Allison Holley and I am the owner of Ophidia Studio, a fitness studio in Garden City that focuses on Pole Dancing. I have been a Pole Dance instructor for 2 years, with 5 total years pole dancing experience accompanied by training in acrobatics and gymnastics. I have been featured in the Boise Weekly and the Idaho Statesman for pole dance instruction and performance, as well as a spotlight pole dance performer with the 33rd season of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.
I most often perform with my favorite group of circus freaks and misfits: the Red Light Variety Show, and have been with that group since its formation two years ago. I perform Pole and Corde Lisse (aerial rope) and I am self taught in both. I think I can honestly say I am totally obsessed with both as well!

Kelly Green- burlesque dancer

AbSINthia Verre~ I have been dancing for 7 years. Started with fire poi (self taught) then a short while later found burlesque. Ever since I have been obsessed! I couldn’t focus in classes or at work, All day I dream of burlesque. I have been in groups and a solo artist, but I currently dance in the Red Light Variety Show.

Red Light was formed for a benefit for ALPHA 2 years ago. Since then this group of performers can’t contain themselves, so much that we will perform on the street!
I love these guys!

I am currently the groups vintage/classic burlesque dancer with my emphasis in feather fans and chair dance. I have studied bellydance, ballet, modern dance, vintage jazz and of course the original style of burlesque ~ the BUMP and GRIND!

I also teach at Ophidia’s studio. My classes are chair dance and bumps and grinds.
Let me tell you these classes are the most fun working out I ve ever had! My dream would be to work solely as a dance instructor, and performer with some photoshoots and prop building mixed in. And my favorite saying that goes with burlesque is.. It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it!


Red Light Variety- backstage after their “Blacklisted” performance at Neurolux.


Fall FIRE Finale:

Unity in Diversity

October 23, 2010

Boise Centre on The Grove




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