Built to Revolt & Promote


My tour is already halfway over.  The main difference between this tour and the last one, is the fact we are touring with a band from our own community.  It feels like we have taken Boise music on tour.  There are a few people within the bands or affiliated with the tour who contribute their time in different aspects at home.  We have one of the best underground sound engineers in our scene on the road, local professional sound engineer, producer of a short film festival, artists from other groups, publicists/promoter, record label owner and a radio producer.  When I’m talking to fans of the shows I let them know we are all from Boise and that there are a lot of creatives working within our community; just like those on this tour. Many have responded that they didn’t know there was much in Idaho or that they’ve never been.  Some even replied that they want to come visit and check it out because of what we have presented at the show; including the talent and our friendly personalities.  One fan in Fort Lauderdale bought a shirt from each representative of Boise because he said he was moving there next year.  He was ready to start promoting Boise culture in Florida before he had even visited the city because of his excitement he experienced that night.

This is a continuous situation I face as I talk to other music professionals while at home via email or on the road.  Boise is not on the map.  I would like to be able to work with the city or the state and let other people besides Idahoans to “Buy Idaho”.   If we can’t get our local community to keep supporting everything with reduced incomes, instead we need to bring people here.  I also think that in the lines of music if we can bring bigger acts in(not meaning $) but acts people are demanding.  We can help keep the people involved in all aspects of the art culture alive and prosper.  They can continue to promote on the road their fellow musicians and community around the globe.  It is a matter of the community being able to support what is brought in from those on the road; reciprocating hospitality.  Those on the road are promoting their home and its just a matter of the community being able to hold it’s half of the negotiation.  I think this is a small step into what we as members in a local economy can do to help one another.  We can’t expect answers from people we can only work to help create them.

I will continue to keep reaching out and promoting OUR culture daily.  What are you doing?


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