Built to Revolt tour- packing


By the end of last tour I realized there were two essential things I was going to bring for the next time: yoga mat and more tights.  My muscles so cramped from the traveling and lack of physical movement compared to a regular day-to-day routine back home. There was no time to walk but there was plently of time to stretch.  As far as the tights, I just have a fetish and they are any easy and reasonable change for the warddrobe.

How should you pack for your tour or next long trip?  Here are some suggestions:

1.) First find out the approximate weather conditions typical in your traveling destinations according to the season.

2.) Decide what the possibilities are with unpredicted weather or possible emergency situations and pack lightly for a “just in case” scenario. 

3.) Pack clothing items that are versatile and great to layer. You can always remove or add clothing.  This also creates an easy way to mix and match clothing a little different each day, then you don’t feel like you are wearing the same thing all the time.

4.) As far as hygiene, don’t forget your deodorant most importantly.  If you are touring and miss a few shower days, consider the deodorant as preventive maintenance for you and the survival of your posse you are traveling with.  Baby powder is also good if you don’t mind the smell. It is good for texturing your hair and for your skin.  You can also use some lotion for both as well. I would recommend something with cocoa butter.  Facial wipes are an easy and mess free way of refreshing quickly and if necessary you can use them as a quick waterless shower.  Don’t forget your toothpaste and some floss as well.  There is a secondary use for floss I will explain later : ).

My survival kit:
– “Say YES to Carrots”- (facial wipes)
– liquid travel containers -(fill with your shower products)
– travel container for Qtips
-Sephora travel brushes and travel mirror w/ light
-boots and sandals- (prep for weather also day and night warddrobe)
-ipod or smartphone
-4 different style of tights
-clohing mixmatch bottoms, couple of Tshirts, a sweater and light comfy jacket.
-blanket(weight depending on weather)
– toothpaste, brush and floss(tape style)- also can be used to sew patches or holes in fabric along the way.
-travel sew kit
-hat and/or a couple of hair accessories
-yoga mat
-extra pillowcase(use the dirty one for dirty laundry along the way)

Unfortunately on this trip I didn’t have room for my yoga mat.  I packed my luggage on an extremely light side, merch had to travel with me this time.


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