Built to Revolt tour- Day 1


Four airports later and a scare that my luggage was lost between flights; ReVoLtReVoLt was outside the Charlotte, NC airport ready to take me back to the venue they performed at for the night.  My flights were pretty good with respect to the short layovers, that were almost nonexistent for the most part.  The longest layover was in Atlanta and only lasted about 20 minutes.  I’ve traveled  to Florida other times but on smaller planes with a transfer in a Houston.  Fortunately, Delta had television screens in the back of the headrests for passengers to watch movies or television.  There was plenty of reading and work I needed to accomplish but I need some breaks in between.  Long periods of time without variation leads to some major daydreaming.  It took me 25 years to figure out some tricks about dealing with my short attention.

After checking out flight status on the screens I found the show Real Housewives of Atlanta.  What better entertainment woukd I find flying into Atlanta?  One of the passengers in my row wanted to assure me that not everyone in Atlanta is like that.  I told him I was impressed he knew the show.  His response was that he had a little sister. As we started flying into the airport I noticed the patches of lights and spots completely dark.  In most cities you see lights spreading somewhat evenly throughout the city limits, Atlanta was different.  I figured it was the number of trees in the area creating the patterns.  Unfortunately it was too late in the day for me to see what the city really looks like.  The passengers on the plane were telling me it is a country version of New York.  I found that as an interesting analysis which made me even more eager to check it out at some point.  Maybe our show in Athens, GA will give me an idea on what to expect of Atlanta for my next visit.

My transfer flight to Charlotte from Atlanta seemed as long as a flight from Boise to Salt Lake City.  After we landed the band was already waiting for me at the airport but my plane had to wait on the runway.  The wait probably lasted as long as my flight.  When I got off the plane I found Chris and Brunn(ReVoLtReVoLt) waiting for me out front. I dropped off my backpack and went back inside to grab my suitcase at baggage claim.  One by one each suitcase passed by me as they had exited the gate.  I found myself being on of the last people standing alongside the person accompanying me on my flight.  The lady informed the two of us that there is no more luggage and we needed to follow her to make a claim.  This certainly didn’t help me with my judgement on the airlines after I heard of the problems a friend of mine had with his luggage a few weeks ago by the same company.  All I could think of is “This is one of the worst things that could happen right now”.  Clothes, merch and some of my textbooks for school have the possibility to be out of my hands for the whole trip or longer.  I texted the guys to let them know and then the same representative informed me there was one other luggage area that may have my suitcase.  Fortunately it did.  Sigh of relief when I grabbed my bag and as I started walking out the door I saw Mr. Brunn.  Good to be home-


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