Fall FIRE Finale- Practice Day 3

I spent the majority of my day at Visual Arts Collective(VaC) for the day and night shows; then I had to hurry over to 8th and Fulton to see last half of the Saturday practice with all the Fall FIRE Finale: “Unity in Diversity” performers.  Since I’m going on tour Monday, this will be one of the last rehearsals for me to attend.  I walked in just in time as they were finishing break.   I caught Ophidia herself (from Red Light Variety) outside for some fresh air as I arrived at the backdoor of the practice space.

This practice consisted of spoken word, rapping, singing and dancing.  They are at the final stages of putting the entire performance together. After hearing the practice of Samba; one of the songs that will be performed, I realized how great it has been to see the development.  My visit at Idaho Arts Charter school provided an opportunity to see another group of dancers practicing at their own space using the recorded version of the song I’ve been hearing live at the downtown practice space.  I didn’t recognize the recording at first and almost asked them what song that was.  I figured it out; I also proved my theory about the popularity or acceptance of songs….that’s another blog, another day.

So far, my favorite piece of the show is the solo with Jared Hallock.  Maybe its my taste for drums but I can guarantee the kids will like it.  The music sounds like a song made for Lion King with a mix of the intro to Rugrats the kids cartoon.  Of course I’m not reviewing the whole performance together yet so I can see myself changing my mind as props are used.  Fire dancing and the part of the performance that looks like a tribal dance sitting Indian style with a Red Light Variety performer in the middle definitely has my attention the evening of the show.  Visual stimulation in any performance always keeps the audience asking for more, the beat in this song wont have anyone sitting down.  I can guarantee it will “keep you on the edge of your seat” the on October 23 at the show if I’m intrigued during practice.

Here is a sneak peek of the Red Light Variety:

Fall FIRE Finale:

Unity in Diversity

October 23, 2010

Boise Centre on The Grove




On my way out of the practice space I noticed the new art hanging in the hallways.  One in particular reminded me of my friend Dave at The Reuseum.  I took a picture of it and uploaded it on Twitter to share.  The next day he informed me that all the pieces used for this were from The Reuseum.



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