Cap’n crunch time!

Not the cereal.  Just the Captain of crunch time -right here.  Media deadlines. Merchandise deadlines.  School deadlines. PR deadlines. Then the worst- Government deadlines. Ew.

Lots of items to complete with less than a week before I’m off to travel a new part of the United States with RevoltRevolt.    My associates, friends and family usually ask me what I’m working on or how things are going and I just say “The same”.  It’s not the same really for the most part.  But what they know or parts they understand, as a whole it is the same.  Everyone sees a little bit of what I’m involved in based on their involvement in certain aspects of my activities. For me to explain it all I don’t how and when I try, the listener gets overwhelmingly bored of me talking about it and realized they asked the wrong question or I need a drink when I’m done trying my best to explain.  Let’s just say right now I’m a lot more busy than usual.  When I tell people that they say “You always say that! You just love being busy”.  Well it is always true and it’s not that I love being busy, I like accomplishing things.  There is a difference.  I’m not a talker anyways.  I don’t want to tell you want I’m doing, I want to show you what’s happening.   So what’s happening right now?

Unity in Diversity


Media planning


T-shirt printing

Sticker printing


Creating a record label

Managing artists



Printing/Distributing flyers


Sales tax

At the end of the day, my dog Hawk has my back.  Literally.

This is just for this week.  Of course there are more exciting things going on but they are in the works. Who wants to know what the surprise is before they receive it? That’s what I thought.   Now it’s time to get back to work!

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