Fall FIRE Finale- “Unity in Diversity” background

Below is more background information about Fall FIRE Finale: “Unity in Diversity” right from the curator himself; Jared Hallock.

“This is my fourth year involved with the show (my third year as artistic director/composer). This is my absolute favorite event i do because i get to work with so many different mediums that I wouldn’t normally get to on a normal gig. Past participants have been InJoy Drum and Dance, Ballet Idaho, The Beat Boys, a variety of fire dancers, stilt walkers, contortionists, poets, clowns, musicians, the Eagle High School Marching Band, Juxtapercussion…and so on and so forth.  The event always has a large number of performers involved, which makes it a challenge but is also part of what makes it special.  The largest number of performers i have coordinated for the event has been in the area of 200 people. Everybody in the event is involved in the creation process, so it eventually becomes its own living breathing thing. The event is usually put together as a show, and not a showcase of separate performers…so it is truly an opportunity for cross artistic breeding.

The audience should come bundled up, and the Bistro has hot chocolate. Along with our portion of the show, there will also be the Thrill The World performance. This is a worldwide performance where people dress up like zombies and perform the Thriller dance at the exact same time….in the spirit of Hands Across America.

This event gets more exciting each year. some of the performers have become regulars, but the majority of them are different each year…providing a ton of professional opportunity for a ton of locals! Some examples of themes from the past years are the seasons, dia de los muertos, and african drum and dance. The theme this year is Unity in Diversity and the show will tell the story off Starlight Samba. Starlight is a character that isn’t happy with her place in life and goes on a journey. she ends up exploring all these different artistic worlds and essentially discovers the unity in diversity. this allows her to “dance” and be happy with her own unique role in the world. this year the show seems to be turning into a rap/spoken word opera of sorts.”- Jared Hallock


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