Fall FIRE Finale: Dedicated Servers


After my interview with Dedicated Servers I asked them to send me some information about their music for a preview on the upcoming Fall FIRE Finale: “Unity in Diversity” event.

“We (of course) are involved with the Unity in Diversity event coming up, which is an absolute privilege and honor. We have been fortunate enough to work with the Susan B. Komen foundation to be part of the Pink Project: Artful Bra Walk on Oct. 7, 2010. Boise State University and University Pulse has contacted us from time to time to include us in campus performances, which is definitely a blessing.

The Dedicated Servers will be making cameos here and there on different tracks with different artists as well. Already completed are tracks with local hip hop megastar, Eleven. Other collaborators include Voytek from California (who produced a whole CD for Dedicated Servers coming out in the winter entitled “At the End of the Day”), Mr. Double U (a highly elusive musician who made a couple tracks for the DS debut album), Maxjabootie (another highly elusive producer), Pat Benolkin (local DJ and musician) and many more musicians around town that we would name, but the tracks aren’t recorded yet so we’ll keep our lips sealed…

The creative process for us isn’t organized at all. Whenever MCMD and I feel inspired, we’ll write some lyrics down and sometimes a whole song. As far as beats go, the Resident Genius usually comes up with something nice, but he has been away for awhile so I have been coming up with more recent beats. Believe me though, when the Genius gets back, it’ll be a musical explosion.

One thing I really want to mention is though we don’t aim to be role models, we want to lead by action. We know and have seen a lot of talent around town, but the sad thing is many of these talented people aren’t motivated enough or feel like they don’t have what it takes to do what they love, whether its music or painting or dancing or whatever. We’re certainly not megastars or anything, but we never even imagined that we would be in the situations we’re in right now. We love music, and we stress that this is the time for everybody to do what they love, because when they get older, I’m sure they don’t want to look back on their lives and say “what if” statements and things of that nature. The world is full of talent and every single person is special, and every single person is capable of making a change in their life and the lives around them. Too often people our age and younger are shot down for what they really feel, and that’s just not right, it’s creating a very sheltered lifestyle that shouldn’t be. We’re just normal dudes like everybody else, and what we’re doing can easily be done by anybody, and probably better, but the only way to do it better is to really be oneself, no matter who they are. Being true to oneself is crucial!” – Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers consists of MCMD peanut and the Resident Genius.  Preview their music and find discover more about the local hiphop duo below.




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Fall FIRE Finale: “Unity in Diversity” event is created on behalf of:


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