Music Business

We don’t know who we are or what we bring to the table in the beginning.  We sort those who meet us half way and those who follow-up after recognition.  The new make mistakes and either learn from friends or break from their own decisions.  It’s a game. A big tournament of chess.  People want to beat the game immediately, chance to fool themselves in front of the rest of the components or patient to make it a strategy.  In music, our intuition is the most powerful.  Since drinking is highly involved in most cases, our intuition can be overlooked depending on the influence of substance per individual.

No matter what state of mind my, intuition will take control.  This evening my 2-year prediction was proved to be right.  I was hoping it was just a misconception based on the person from another city being judged too harshly.  A one-on-one on this date proved my theory.  Glad for closure, disappointed in the person. I wish you the best without Boise help.

A game or just a lifestyle.  Depending on who you talk to.  Don’t be fooled if you are the later; just be aware.  Know people before you know business, at least in this business.


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