I don’t know whether it is the low lighting, antique bar and saloon style tables or the combination of them all in a smoke free environment that makes me enjoy my time the most at Pengillys. I do know it is the only bar that makes me feel like is a home away from home but I’m in my hometown. It’s the bar that is designed to look like you can go there and everyone knows your name. This is not the case. In fact it’s sister bar the Neurolux is where you can go and everyone knows your name. More than likely you can go there and the people know the names of the other people you know as well. What is it that this old bar has been able to capture no other bar in Boise can capture? I think it may have a lot to do with Allen having a clear idea of who the demographics are for each one of his bars. Last year I had a discussion with an engineer who was on the patio of the Neurolux with me. He was telling me about the satellites on top of the Alaska Building and how he helped establish those. As the night grew and the average conversation turned to customer observation, I sensed him feeling a little out of place. Weeks later I found out that that was his first time at the Neurolux and he described it to others as plant Zoltar. A place where it looked like the people who were unaccepted anywhere else joined for drinks. His review made me think about an outsiders perspective of not only this bar but other bars as well. Pengillys has Jonathan Warren and The Billygoats a local new country bluegrass band playing once a week. If you look around at the audience they don’t look like your typical bluegrass fans. Do people go to a particular bar because of the environment or the music? Or does the music create the environment? I’ve seen the Billygoats play around Boise and they sound nothing like they do at Pengillys or maybe their sound doesn’t feel the same to me. The low lighting, saloon style chairs, and smoke free environment I think helps create more than just a style of bar. If Pengillys gives me a sense of a home away from home or a place I feel reflected a bar my style, I think that we find bars not only where we enjoy ourselves but also identify with in some sort of way. I’ve never been a fan of bluegrass because I didn’t feel the music. The first time I heard the Billygoats after my interview with them, something different opened up with my preferences in sound. I’m able to see more clearly the different aspects of music I enjoy across all genres. I’ve been to the bar on multiple ocassions when there were other bands or no live music at all.The Billygoats don’t create the Pengillys environment for me but instead compliment the bar. A perfect fit.

I had the pleasure enjoying another night of stomping by the goats this week and I think they get better everytime I hear them. Do you know anyone that can do a soundcheck and make it sound like it should be a song? I recommend everyone to listen to Jonathan Warren and The Billygoats at least once AND at Pengillys.


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