#714 in the beginning

New developments are underway at the Garden City or as I refer it as the #714; Reuseum. After several sessions of brainstorming product ideas I have for my music promotions, I’ve also decided how I can create a special line of promotional produts at the Reuseum.  Originally I decided I wanted to create visuals for my shows and with the interest of others I would lend them out for them to use.  Now I have figured out how my line of childrens jewelry can be even more ORRiginal than ever before.  There are going to be several great products developed in the Reuseum this year leading into the next.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with other  creative engineers and see their developments from the beginning until they are presented to the masses.  Right now there are a handful of us spending time during the regular hours at the Reuseum and during off hours, working on projects.  Last night was the first night I made it during the after hours. Frank Neon and Sassy Frass Neon are some of the innovators working on projects down at the shop.  At one point I mentioned that everyone specializes in completely different skills and noticed physical attributes of everyone as well as personality characteristics.  I said that we were like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of the techs.  Late night working on projects finding solutions instead of fighting like ninjas.  That is also where Frank Neon and Sassy Frass Neon fit in.

Afterwards we decided to take a walk through #714 and I was a little skeptical but at the same time very interested in how the experience was going to turn out.  I have been on several bike rides from the northend to VaC but walking is a completely different element when you are entering the undiscovered on foot.  We headed towards the river for the greenbelt.  How many people walk the greenbelt in that area at late late hours?  We do.  Guess this is where our “ninja” skills could come in once our products are finished.  The #714 greenbelt is probably the darkest and scariest section of the belt I’ve been on; besides Ann Morrision.  When we approached the bridge Frank Neon whispers there is someone under the bridge.  We keep walking and notice fire next to the water below the bridge.  Once we get over the bridge, one from the group(name yet to be determined) approaches the area with the fire.  Frank Neon runs past me to walk on the outside of the greenbelt from the river.  As we walk past the area, what we thought was a campfire were candles lighting up a picture.  Someone yells “Is that for real? Is that real”.  We all think about it walking frantically asking ourselves “How did we happen to walk by that when it was lit? Why is it lit? Who is around?”.  Imagine walking on a the greenbelt in an area that has a bad reputation and notice a picture that looks like it is currently being worshiped with candles.  What would your reaction be?  As we keep walking the tech checking out the picture stays behind.  Someone else in the group mentioned a girl drowned in that area recently.  The other tech left behind catches up and confirms it was the young teen’s picture that drowned.

We exit the greenbelt to walk back to the shop through 36th st.  The exit to the street is through the new development my friend Jim created.  As we are walking through it I’m informing Frank Neon of the new area that is currently in planning where we may soon be able to call it our neighborhood of the arts.  Further up the street walking past the old eclectic treasure barn, storage units, houses, trailers along an old deadend road I started to feel like we were in some cartoon.  At one point a pitbull jumped at us from out of one trailers.

I know this area before what it is now and I see the changes it has made but a new memory was being created.   A first.  Firsts in the Treasure Valley are hard to do.  This first was different.  It felt like it was the beginning of history in the making.  There are many new projects I’m working on right now and they all cross promote with one another.  The walk made it all settle with me and take a step back.  It made me think that this moment in time right now is never going to happen again.  All of the new things stirring up in the underground scene have the potential to change everything we are walking through during this time and it may never look or feel the same again.  There are some changes already made such as VaC and the new housing development but I know or I am a part of all of the new ones underway.  It was like I was feeling the calm before the storm.

I know what I need to do now.  During all of this change, beyond what I’m currently doing.I need to document the change.  The journey has always meant more to me than the destination and it shouldn’t be any different from other aspects such as developments.

There I go again another idea……


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