“….I want to do it.  The thing that really drew me in about it is the culture behind …. the raw energy they exert.  I want to be training with those guys, I want to be training in that……”  “It’s like everything else test our wit and this tests our heart”

A perspective on an outsider looking in.  Is the left brain person open to understand the right brain individual?

I have this thing called ADD and how do I cope?  Overstimulation at all times possible.  This means I’m working on my computer, phone and anything else.  Today in the background there is an MTV show on called “The Buried Life”.  A group of friends are traveling around the U.S. to accomplish their life check lists.  In this episode they want to go to South Central L.A. to learn how to krump, a form of street dance that originated from these streets.  When I heard what they were doing while I was working on my computer I looked up and saw them driving the streets of L.A. that I once knew.  Flashbacks.  My heart stopped when I saw them pulling in the hoods with tour bus thinking really? They are going to bring cameras in there?  I remember driving my old classic car in there and felt a little uneasy but my car fit the culture, but my best friend wouldn’t let me drive around only to drop him off and exit immediately.  He wouldn’t even let me get out of my car. The guys wander the streets and one of the street kids tells them they need to leave because they just got marked.  So they decide to drive the bus away but still search for someone to teach them this dance.  The quote at the beginning of the blog was their conversation after they decided they needed to leave the hood.  They wanted to continue to seek someone to help them out.

When I was in fashion design school we learned about so many different levels of the industry.  One of them is the trend seekers who visit the neighborhoods in the larger poor neighborhoods around the world and offer this information to fashion designers.  Stealing the ideas of the creatives for profit.  The struggling artist isn’t struggling because they want to but it is either because they have limit sources and/or the money they do have is spent on things more important to them.  Expression is so simple it is complex to many, especially those who don’t know how to express themselves.  Once we start copying an expression that was created by one it no longer holds the same value instead it becomes a trend and when the mainstream gets ahold of it the meaning is lost.  The creative mind that put this art into something that can be shared receives no credit and people that don’t care about it start profiting from it.  Most creatives want to see their art be exposed and receive credit for it so people know where it originated.  Still to this day the intangibles are hard to keep track of.

The guys in this tv show drove into a neighborhood they were unwelcome and expected open arms.  Those who are looking for something without knowing anything about the history have a high chance to build walls between them and the creator.  A creative has a story and it is in their work, those interested in not understanding what that is or the respect of the work will have a hard time finding the answers they are looking for.   This scenario is an easier picture to visualize entering into the creative culture as an everyday curious individual.  Art is a result of events and/or processes.  To understand why it is what it is and how it came to form,  research the roots.  These guys should have done a little more research about this culture before entering in risking their lives and they may have found their answers faster.  Why does someone need to tell you the end result of something without you willing to understand more about it?  Of course the kids in the neighborhood were thinking that their were hidden intentions gong on with a camera crew, tour bus and a group of guys with new clothes walking around.  They were probably thinking that something was going to be taken from them and their defense is crime because they don’t have something tangible to take from the opposer but their life.

After the guys left the neighborhood it bothered me to face something I know that goes on all the time but the fact that popular media recorded it.  Of course “curious minds want to know” but I think it’s important that we start promoting “curious minds need to know why.  Why do the people in this community have this dance?  What does it represent and how did it start?  If you start asking questions then you can get more answers than you were looking for and they usually are better than what you wanted.  I will share some information for you about this dance from Wikipedia- krumping.  I found a video that is a real example of this dance in its raw form instead of as setup as an entertainment event.  Listen to what the camera man says in the beginning and watch the people dancing as well as the audience.

This dance is a creative form of expression without extensive violence(sometimes they get aggressive), replacing the typical ways of “getting back at someone”.  Verbal communication converted into nonverbal.  Now this dance is in music videos, taught in classes and seen in the clubs.  Just the typical cycles of popular art.

Next time you see metal transformed into a unique shape or don’t understand why someone can paint a few lines on canvas and charge large amounts of money; do your research.  Find out who the artists are and what their story is.  You may will learn more about history from a field you may never have known otherwise.  Just remember, the fabrics in your jeans, design of your house, scents of perfume and music is all influenced by someone and as generations continue to fold these all evolve.  Isn’t it crazy to think that it just starts with one?  Look how far we can go as our minds continue to develop and carry out ideas.  Just remember the next time you take an idea or concept from someone give them credit.

Remember left-brainers- just because it’s intangible and it’s possible that the majority may not know you stole an idea from someone, it is still a source.  You wouldn’t write a research paper without citing your sources would you?


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