Mainstream vs. Name Brands

What if we were never exposed to anything but what consisted in our house from the day we were born? What if we never had television or radio to reach out to us with their messages? What if we didn’t have the access to information at our fingertips? Would we be amish not by choice but by factor?

Popular music is successful because of the business understood by the team associated with such artists. Over and over I have the conversation between people who oppose all things advertised and they are either what they refer as completely underground or they buy popular brands refusing to understand they bought the brand because of successful marketing. Bands I’ve interviewed over the years are trying to put a grip on how to be successful and draw the numbers or they are successful and tell me what it took. The secret? Management. Saving Abel is one example at the top of my head just because I interviewed them a few days ago. I asked them what advice would you give underground bands who are wanting to be more than just that? They said “…It’s management. Everyone has their part in the business.” These words were becoming a broken record to me over time but coming from a platinum artist I felt I needed to start referring this to bands more than ever. It’s not coming from my mouth anymore. Just start pressing play on the interviews.

Think about it. The masses buy brands because they are familiar with the brand and it doesn’t seem risky but rather trustworthy. We see the brand over and over and without much or any research on a product our first reaction is to pick a reliable brand. Why is a brand that is advertised considered more reliable? This is the big consumer research study professionals spend their lives discovering. Everything is different based on our perspectives and experiences, which is the same for music. Think of the masses who listen to music. Think about what they do for a living, after work, where they spend most of their time, etc. What products do they buy and why do they buy them? What do they value and why? Do you think they have the time or the resources to be exposed to a larger music selection other than what their friends or mainstream media present to them among all of these other factors? We only have a limited of number of hours a day and these days a limited amount of disposable income. Do you think those that are not actively seeking new music because it is not a hobby are going to risk spending $5-15 on something they are not familiar with? Underground music can be the compared to the off-brand compared as opposed to the name brand being mainstream. So what does this all mean in relation to business? Tell me what you think.


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