Knitting Friends

Sleepy Seeds

During the Monotonix show last night I ran into Joey from Sleepy Seeds and talked to him about a photo pass for his show tonight at The Knitting Factory.  Last week he gave me some tickets to hand out to help promote the show but since it was at venue that regulates photography I wanted to make sure I could get some footage of the “boys” hitting the big stage.  I remember meeting Joey and Marty last year.  New to Boise, they were finding their own path in the scene and started out as a two piece band playing their first gig outside Pie Hole downtown during First Thursday.  One of their first couple of shows they told me that someone working at the Grape Escape next door complained to them about their music.  Joey was spending all his time supporting one of his favorite local bands second to Built to Spill; Finn Riggins.  One of my favorite times with them was the trip to McCall to catch up with Finn Riggins and Jared Mees and The Grown Children playing at Forrester’s.  Almost a year later they have added two more members to the band and they are opening up at The Knitting Factory.  This is why I felt it was important to document this moment for them.  Other performances of the night include friends James Orr and Le Fleur who were all opening up for Ocean Story Social’s cd release.

During the time when James was setting up, I stood off to the side of the venue and realized how much time has gone by and since I first met the majority of the bands I know now.

Le Fleur
James Orr

Now they have found a name for themselves, before once working to find a show and now they are sharing the same stage with their peers.  Many of them have accomplished a lot and it is great to see them progress in many different ways.  I remember a conversation I had with James last year referring to a band he said he was unfamiliar with but I figured he was.  This made me realize there are some gaps with artists but as a promoter you don’t see where the lines really are, especially in a smaller scene.  It seems that everyone knows everything about everyone but they don’t seem to know one another.

Tonight it was great to see James who shares one aspect of my life , share  the stage with two bands that share a different part.  I’m happy to see more bands playing and collaborating together.  Matt Hopper for instance has been great at incorporating other artists with his music for local shows.  If there is this much progression going on in the past couple years compared to the last 7, there is bound to be something remarkable coming from the Treasure Valley very soon.


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