ORRiginal ADD Entry- Phase 2

It seems like there are several events going on this summer and the festivities bleed into the fall up to October.  There is some hesitation from artists participating due to the time they have available.  Organizing this event on top of creating my entry is time consuming but so is everything else.  Just a matter of priorities.  People say if you want to get something done whether it is to spend more time reading, exercising or travelling you just need to put it in your schedule.  Time keeps ticking and I look at it as if I don’t take advantage of the time I have now I won’t accomplish everything I want to.  My friend and I have dedicated one day of the week as project day just so time is set aside that does not involve regular business activities and strictly hobby.  Believe me if I didn’t set time aside for a lot of things I would probably have that boring 9-5 can’t wait until I get off work so I can watch the “tube” attitude.  Maybe that’s why I do plan because I’m avoiding it.  What I’m really trying to get at is if you want to do something just do it.  Don’t analyze your time; make time.

This week during my project day I spend more time working on my ADD entry.  Below are some of the latest pictures.

ORRiginal Toolbox

1.) When I arrived at The Reuseum Dave handed me this box that resembles my mom’s old sewing box and told me it was my toolbox.  He put my supplies I left behind from last time in here and put them away.  I told him I would accept it only if I could spray paint it black.  Agreed.

2.) There are two major pieces I need to paint for my entry and one of them is the cord for the inside light.  Since my booth is going to be one color  mostly.  I thought the cord would be a great highlight color area.  The green I painted with was the closest I could find to my ORRiginal Promotions green.  I wasn’t completely happy but I didn’t want to drive around town to find something that was the closest match.  Only one side of the cord got painted because it was taking too long to dry.  This put a hold on any more painting on the  booth for the day.

LED sketch

3.) Since I couldn’t work on painting any more of the booth I decided to start outlining the board I’m using for my LED display.  I measured the board and calculated how many LEDs can be supported for each letter, followed by sketching my name.

4.) After sketching my name according to how the lights will be displayed; I marked the exact location the lights will be placed within the sketch.  The next step is to drill holes where the marks are and start putting the LEDs on the board.

ORRiginal Ruler

5.) This was the plastic piece I was using for my LED sketch.  I didn’t have a ruler available so I made my own and decided to tag it after I found out The Reuseum uses this piece for something else.  Now it serves a dual purpose.

UPDATE THIS WEEK:  Deadline for entries has been changed to July 29,2010.  Please email you entry forms, picture of your entry and have money submitted by this due date.  In order to assure you will be listed on First Thursday materials submit you entries as soon as possible BEFORE this date.


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