The Reason

Sometimes I’m asked where I get the energy and time to create or be involved in everything I do. I never know how to answer it other than say “I love what I do”. Why do I love to stay up late, cram for school, work various activities and essentially find no time for myself? I guess I never look at it like that and when people bring it up I think to myself “Why do you like to have the same schedule everyday?” There have been a few times when I’ve finally figured it out myself and unfortunately it takes some drastic to happen for me to realize the roots to my energy. Last night was one of those nights again.

My good friend who I consider family, experienced a serious physical injury before his show last night. At the time I was in a dinner meeting and was notified immediately. After finding out the location of the hospital he was sent to I dropped my business partner off and drove straight there. I arrived to find his mother, sister and one other band member in the waiting room. There was a bit of a look of surprise for my appearance but I couldn’t wait around to find out if he was okay. I guess this gives away a little of the mystery people find of me sometimes. I’m a big softie at heart. I would fly across the world if a family member or close friend was injured. I’ve always been a loss for words as I’ve mentioned many times in my writing but I will show you up if I have to prove myself. I also felt it was important for my friend to know I was really concerned. Fortunately he is safe now and the doctors checked him out within the same night.

As I think about my friend and the BIG question my peers and colleagues ask me; this friend is the perfect example of where my energy comes from. I live to help promote what others are passionate about. I’m happy finding out a way to support and make other people happy. Although it is a tough battle sometimes discovering who people are and their motives; especially in entertainment. I don’t want to waste my time helping those who have little moral or ethics behind what they do because they are fighting the opposite battle of my goal. Throughout my life I’ve had many opportunities to discover new things, often I’ve been told to be an old soul but I think it’s just about being away of the world around you and learning from it. One of the most important things I’ve learned is finding what you love and learn to live it. At a young age I always listened to people who considered themselves successful and they were successfull according to their measurement of loving what they do for a living. Working in the fashion industry with celebrities, millionaires and creatives I saw a definite line in happiness. They either loved what they did and were appreciative of the great people around them or it was the complete opposite. I saw the way the unhappy group of “successful” people treated others as well as myself when I was working for a specialty store outside Beverly Hills.  I told myself everyday while working that job I do not want to become that person.  Over time discovering my place in music and my education with marketing, I thought “What if I could help support the people that found what they are passionate about?” Most people know that helping others out is a reward in itself, why not do it all the time? Now my love for music and marketing has been combined for a greater purpose than just to be a part of either one. I feel this day and age marketers get a bad reputation especially when it comes to advertising and promotions, which makes my job harder. It’s a science if used properly can benefit many people and if not it can hurt others in the long run. There are few people out there that discover their passion and succeed at doing it. I want to give those people the extra boost or support they may need to help them be successful. Big things can happen when there is at least a little bit of support.  My friend mentioned earlier in this blog is one of the best examples of who I want to help succeed.  He’s a talented painter and musician who has dedicated his life at this time to refocus on those two things.  I remember the night on tour we had a conversation including the singer of the band that was the first time I felt like I was understood by my concept because they were telling me theirs.  It was just a matter of a band’s perspective compared to mine as a promoter and it synced.  All the members of the band know what is important to them and contribute different qualities as individuals I cherish.  There is just something about my one friend that definitely adds a new spice to my life which is hard to find and just like all of all the other gems I find, I wish to share all there talents with everyone so they can continue being creative and make a living doing so.  Think of it this way,  not everyone can paint and those that can can’t sit behind a cubicle.

I dedicate this entry to my friend I mentioned in this blog and all of my creative peeps as well as the many other friends I have lost along the way due to what I call a creative tragedy. You all are the reason I have a wack schedule and I couldn’t live it any other way :).

Revolt wave

Thank you for being you and fighting the battle to be an individual.



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