ADD- the result of

I was never diagnosed to have ADD but that may be due to the fact my mother didn’t believe in medicating for anything other than emergencies.  The people that know me best or at least outside of my “work” zone know that it is difficult for me to focus on one task.  I’ve been mastering the skills the majority of my life as multi-tasker-brainstorming marketer.  When people asked me what I liked to do for a hobby I would just name something on my mind that I spent my time doing recently.  There are many things I find as hobbies but I don’t always have the time available to enjoy them all.  They say that if you really want to do something you will find time to make it happen.  Amongst all the activities and new projects I get involved in, I always seem to find brainstorming.  Who would actually answer they like brainstorming as a hobby?  I guess that is my ultimate answer.  Anytime someone asks for my time to help them work on an idea or further develop something, it’s hard for me to say no. I’m fond of the chemistry two minds can create into something bigger than just one would accomplish.

The past couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the Reuseum and working with Dave.  There are some ideas we will be working on this summer I’m excited to start.  Among all of the brainstorming during casual conversation, one day he insisted we meet to develop an idea with new merchandise he had at the shop.  The parent store of the Reuseum received hundreds of voting booths Idaho had been using until everything was switched to electronic voting.  Dave knew there could be an idea implemented to use these booths for another purpose instead of sending them off for scrap metal which was the direction they were headed if an idea wasn’t presented by upper management by the next week.

Our initial meeting kicked off our creativity for these booths.  It was a matter of outlining the details and the process that was the most time consuming.  Our next meeting we worked on the information to include for the press release and finalize a name.  I wanted to use a play on words or an acronym.  After Dave, Chad Cooke(helping out at the Reuseum part-time) and I mentioned several ideas, I finally paused and said what about “ADD- Art Demands Democracy”?  The two of them paused for a moment and agreed it fit our mission of this installation.  Since we are encouraging businesses, artists and members of the community to participate in voicing themselves with the help of art we felt this title said exactly what we wanted to.  I liked that the acronym related to artists and the common condition that many people are aware they have.  Instead of hiding from what some people feel is a disorder, making a statement with it in a positive direction can may help bring awareness that it does not need to be controlled but can be used to help for a greater purpose.

Before I left for my trip to Vancouver, B.C. last week I finished the entry forms for the participants and during my time away the press release was sent to the mainstream media.  In the meantime, fans of ORRiginal Promtoions were emailed Friday for the news and bands in my email list were emailed tonight.  This week I will be spending time at the Reuseum to make the ORRiginal Booth.  I think I’m interested in questioning what originality is but I don’t know exactly how I want to present it. How do you make an original booth or decorate it as one?  What does original not ORRiginal look like?


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