Boise Metal

“…let’s gather our troops and march through hell”- Toxic Holocaust

I have my own theory on metal music and the reason for it’s following, but it inspires me to see the energy at each show. I think the local metal scene is one of the most supportive fan-based scenes. Whether it is a local, national or international acts, there is some kind of energy created that puts a smile on everyone’s face. The moshers on the dance floor, the people in the crowd pointing out random acts of craziness they just witnessed and those posted up alongside the walls thrusting their fists. Everyone inevitably is here for a good time.

What has made this such a hot local scene? Is it the support united by fans, the promoter or  the farely recognized bands that play here? I continue to enjoy exploring the sidelines(once in the middle) to observe this market and figure out the secret behind its success. I would like to give props to Justin Cantrell though, for his passion and dedication to this niche and I really think he’s the secret behind the local scene’s success. Ask him how many days he doesn’t have shows this summer. A true enthusiast. From a promoters perspective he has been quite successful.

Now Toxic Holocaust has just said the great words to end this blog “let’s do some drugs”. I laugh to myself with my friend because we too have smiles on our faces from metal music. Our smiles are due to the random shoutouts from metal bands that we turn into quotes. Maybe the quotes will be the start of a new venture on my checklist.


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