Promoter Clock

All week I’ve mixed my days and sensed a bit of a time warp. Yesterday I was thinking it was Tuesday when cleary the event I was attending yesterday I knew was on a Thursday. I gathered about 10 people to Boise Fry Company to see my friend James Orr play for their patio opening. They all made it but why did I still think Thursday was Tuesday, even on my walk down there? Unlike tour, the city stays the same and the people along with the activities change by the day.

Over the course of the years the majority of my nights started to become what 9 to 5’ers would call days. It didn’t just start feeling like I was “working” the night shift but felt more like living. The living in which most people talk about having, instead of working to live like they are currently doing. Maybe it is all the activities around me in which consume the majority of the day that make me forget what day it is. Instead of counting down how much closer I am to Friday like most working people, I find myself counting down how fast I can complete a project and move onto the next. Clearly a lifestyle of choice but not until now was I able to reflect how much different my life is compared to what most would call average. Depending on the activity within a 24hour period it varies whether I’m drinking at 5am or enjoying a nice cup of coffee; preferrably French Press (hint hint).

As I continue to move forward with music reaching out to new people helping them to pursue their music adventures and passion for art; I hope I can document more of it than I have been. The last 7 years in the underground scene has been a rollercoaster and I wish every minute was documented. I don’t have the chance to change that but I’ve learned how important it is here on out to share it with people outside and inside the industry. This summer’s activities include finishing up winter projects and start some ground breaking ideas. In the meantime I’m going to try to share as much of it to my fans. It feels more like an obligation as a promoter to share with people what other inspiring people are doing to help inspire others at the same time. I’ve met a lot of amazing people and I promote their talents every chance I get, but for those that may not need or look for what they have to offer, this is my way of sharing them with everyone. So if you get a chance to come out to one of my events or see me in the early morning, just wonder if I’m on 5 hours of sleep or 2. Be patient with me if you expect the lesser because it may be an eventful 24-48 hours before I rest again.


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