BITCH- please?

When I was at the Visual Arts Collective last month I saw a colorful flyer that caught my eye titled “BITCH”.  I asked the owners what that show was about.  Sam said something along the lines of “…you may like it but I want to let you know it’s going to be a lesbian show.”  That wasn’t going to stop me.  It’s music.  It’s what they say brings people together and I know that.  Well BITCH definitely brought me together last Wednesday with a group I probably would have otherwise never had the opportunity to be around.

Several weeks before the show I contacted BITCH’s manager to set up an interview.  During my time on tour, I had some help trying to set this up and I was afraid of missing an opportunity.  Who wouldn’t want to meet the real BITCH or have an opportunity to interview her?  Her manager Amanda, provided a few links for me to check out the album as well as her biography.  After some research I was intrigued by the accomplishments BITCH and “co-conspirator” Animal have had so far.  The two of them created their own theater known as “Bitch and Animal” in New York City and toured with Ani DiFranco who released their one of their records on “Righteous Babe”.   This year Blasted! released from BITCH’s new label- Short Story Records along with a video for the single “Kitchen” produced by Animal.  This pretty much confirmed the show was going to be better than I could have anticipated.  Someone who knew not only the business of the industry but also a professionally trained musician.  A win-win of selecting what I think was a must-see show.

The beginning of the night started out with some comedy from the Bois of Boise.  At this time I discovered that this niched was pretty straight forward, figuratively speaking of course; about sexual humor.  There were a few audience members dressed up in costumes and later I discovered out it was BITCH with her videographer Animal.  To the right of them I noticed my photography professor and one of the most talented local artists. Three inspirations in a a row sitting right in front of me.  Someone who guided my vision in photography that later unknowingly transferred to video, next to her a videographer working on projects similar to what I wanted to produce and an artist who is two steps ahead of me doing things I have on my checklist, but confirming to me it all can be done.  Three peas in a pod.

After the local theatrical performance by Bois,  The State Of performed a few songs from their EP.  They are also BITCH’s backup band touring with her from Florida.  The screen on stage presented a couple music videos by Animal before BITCH’s debut.

Everyone was really friendly, it was like hanging out with the guys but not having to worry about them hitting on you.  I think I seen more people smiling at a show in Boise than I have every seen before.  It was about the comedy before the music but people smiling at one another including me, a total stranger to the group.  Often times in different scenes the outside is questioned or unacknowledged; this was not the case.  Even though I was a little out of it during the majority of the show; I blame it on long hours spent on my computer catching up from tour,  work and new projects as well as coming on a down from travelling.  A few times Anneliessa and Sam were checking in on me, I guess they noticed me being a little “off” of ORRiginal.  By the time BITCH got on stage any attention I did have was focused on her performance.  I don’t like just being innovative but I seek to support those who look to do the same, bright electric fashion and a violin with the sounds of a guitar was original to me or was it just my style?

There was a mix in musical influences in her sound that could appeal to a larger audience; liberal minded of course.  Bass, drums, keys, electric violin and ukulele while expressing style of the mainstream youth with bright solids and black&white patterns. This artist is sending a message and has the knowledge of how she can get it across to those who may not seek to listen or maybe genre supporters but they will find something they like about her.  A campfire ukulele encore of “Staying Alive” ended the show with a respected round of applause from the crowd.  There are few attentive audiences at local shows it seems these days, but it is picking up.  I don’t think I’ve seen that intimate of a performance that “Staying Alive” created, again BITCH showed she is able to be versatile in her music.  I’m very appreciate to have the opportunity to experience that, especially in my music scene.  This lets me know that there is support and drives me to bring more artists here to reach out to our community. This mix together has created BITCH, will you at least check her out please?

My interview with BITCH is available on University Pulse 4/18/10 11pm Mountain Standard Time.


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