RevoltRevolt Tour pt. 6

Desert, Border Patrol then Pacific Beach

Leaving Boerne, TX we were beach bound, but there were a few stops along the way.  I had shotgun while Ben and Jasin shared the back bench.  Chris said he never listened to the new Gorillaz album and I had it available on my ipod for us to plug it into the van stereo.  At our next stop I was reviewing the footage I had on my camera and found a clip from the beginning of this drive.  When I had the guys preview it they were asking why Chris was listening to Snoop Dogg; we all found it rather odd.  I didn’t realize what it was until I listened to the Gorillaz album again later on the trip and realized he was a guest appearance in song, so the clip was from the time I was having him preview “Plastic Beaches”.

We stayed the night in Van Horn, TX and the morning after Chris found a coffee shop called The Cornerstone with wifi so the two of us could work on our reports.  The service was exceptional and a great stop away from home to enjoy some espresso and chat with the friendly owners.  Unfortunately I was trying to catch up on work, but I wanted to play a game of chess on their jumbo set. It would be a great opportunity to keep up my game, since I didn’t know when I was going to play on tour.  After settling in and enjoying my drink, I noticed the banner hanging behind the counter noted “Your Crossroads Connection”- I thought Crossroads Angel Connection!  I jumped on the cross-promotion and provided them with some of our Crossroads Angel t-shirts and brochures.  This should be the official Angel coffee shop.  This is definitely a must stop if you are traveling from Texas to California.  I hope to return and revisit my new friends soon.  Thanks for your great enthusiasm and support!

After fulfilling our caffeine addiction, Chris and I met up with Ben and Jasin who were taking advantage of the gift we received from Ben’s mom; $50 gift card to Wend’ys with the dollar menu.  I received some frustrating news via email and Ben bought me a frosty to chill me out and before we got back on the road Chris surprised me with some Milk Duds.  The night before I was looking for them at our rest stop, but the service station didn’t have them in stock.  Our stomachs were full leaving Van Horn but little did we know there could be a possible 4 stops ahead of us- Border Patrol.

From Texas to California I relaxed in the back of the van on the loft listening to music, recording some footage from the back window as well.  Some of my Twitter followers probably remember this time when I was spending a good portion tweeting time on tour.  During this time I found out that @nique22 was classmates with Ben.  She told me about his obsession with KISS growing up and that put a lot of things together for me.  Thanks for the insight Dominque!

I fell asleep the majority of the desert journey but woke up slightly when I felt the van slowing down and hearing Chris saying something along the lines “Yeah, we’re a band”.  The border patrols must have had several bands traveling thru and didn’t feel the need to stop every van filled with gear.  When we arrived at the check in California just outside of San Diego, that was a different story.  I’m glad I was fully awake during this time.  We were “okayed” in check point, then someone ran up to us as we were beginning to drive away and told us to pull over.  The four of us had to evacuate the van and sit on the side of the patrol area while they searched our vehicle.  After the officer’s radical behavior to try to make us nervous and my comments on the side for profiling, they gave us some b.s. and let us go.  We packed back in the van and San Diego was in view in a matter of no time.


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