RevoltRevolt Tour- pt. 5

The Magic Time Machine restaurant and Mineshaft bar was a low turnout but seems that Jasin was easily entertained with the staff’s costumes. The waitstaff had to dress up as characters and the night of our show Jasin got his picture taken with Jack Sparrow and Batman. I always said their is a resemblence with him and Johnny Knoxville, but he said he gets Johnny Depp as well. Must be the Johnnys….

A few of Chris’s family members from the area came out to the show as well as some old Boise friends of Chris and Jasin. We felt very fortunate that their friends Heidi and Jerry opened their house up to us that night of our tour. At the end of the set they said they would have some pizzas ready for us at their house for some late night dinner. They must have seen our cup of noodles on the side of the stage and figured it wasn’t going to fulfill us by the end of the night.

After our short set, we drove outside of San Antonio to Heidi and Jerry’s house. Sure enough, warm pizzas were on the table. This was such a dramatic difference for us compared to the thunderstorm in Austin the night before. Their house was comfortable for all of us to sleep and I called out the comfy sofa for my crash pad. The next morning I woke up to a creative arrangement of fruit on the kitchen table. They thought that this would be a great treat for us being on the road and they were right. Grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe and some french press coffee; I couldn’t think of a better breakfast especially on the road. Throughout the morning as the rest of the band started waking up, we shared some music with Jerry and talked about their move to Texas. Heidi and I also discovered we have a mutual friend back in Boise. Just when you think Boise is small, wait until you leave and run into people living in different cities from Boise and they know the same people. I think it’s odd enough to run into Boiseans in different cities just because of how small of a city we have in comparison to others.

We originally had an in-store appearance at a music store but after Chris talked to the manager, they both agreed to reschedule for next time. This gave us a little more time to take advantage of the internet and some R&R. Heidi didn’t leave us hungry and I think covered all of our bases on essential nutrients. She made some of the best scrambbled eggs I’ve ever had. Squash and some fresh cut spices, made a signature dish Jasin I agreed upon being most excellent!

After a few photos with the band, they sent us off with some pizza reheated from last night’s late dinner. Tgis time I was riding shot gun for the first time on the trip. As we started to drive away Jerry ran out with a few of Ben’s forgotten belongings. When we stopped at the end of their street something feel alongside Chris’s driver door. It happened to be a pillow and when it was retrieved and tossed in the back accidently spilling a drink, this set the tone for the days travel as Jasin and Ben start their brotherly conversations. We were now headed to El Paso for our next show.

We look forward on our next visit to Texas to spend some more time with our Boise friends in Austin and Boerne. Thank you both for your great hospitality and support!


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