RevoltRevolt Tour pt. 4

The first morning of the tour, Chris impressed me with his mini espresso machine. I couldn’t think of a better way to start out every morning on tour!

We left Houston for Austin that day and our first stop was to meet up with an old Boise friend Heibarger. He had moved down there last year from Boise and when he found out we were goin to be traveling thru he offered his hospitalitly to us. The instructions he gave us to when we arrived in Austin, we were a little unsure because no one was answering the door. We walked around the back of the house with the address he provided and we had spot his famous Facebook picture. A few minutes after our reassurance, Heibarger walked outside and said he was taking a nap. I think he was a little surprised to see me as well. The last memory I have of him is biting a chunk out of my basket from my cruiser bike at a punk rock kickball a few summers ago. It was great to see him again especially to see that he’s enjoying Texas.

After settling in at Heibargers for a little while, the band and I wanted to go see what was going on downtown with the SXSW festival. They were trying to get on the Gorilla Festival before they left on tour, which is a smaller festival going on the same time but things didn’t work out. So we decided that it would be a great opportunity spend some time checking out the events so we knew what to expect in the future and use this time for research and promotion. Jasin and I talked with a few people about Crossroads Angel as well as his band Revolt Revolt.

After a few hours of walking around the festival we decided to grab some dinner and catch up on our computer work. Heibarger provided uas an extra tent in addition to the one we packed. Ben, Jasin and I chose to campout while Chris slept in the van. It was a mind boggling night organizing my photos, videos and reviews between all the publications supporting this tour. After several hours I called it a night and passed out in the tent. I under estimated how tired I was and found myself waking up to water in my tent while laying in a wet sleeping bag. Everyone else was still asleep so I decided to grab my computer to work on some video editing inside Heibarger’s house.

Around 3 or 4pm everyone in the band was awake. Chris made us a special breakfast that he refers to as “Amigas”. Scrambled eggs mixed with corn tortillas, Sriracha on the side, accompanied with a latte from the Revolt espresso machine. Our late start as a group didn’t leave us much time to check out the final day of SXSW. We had to get back on the road towards San Antonio for a show at the Mineshaft, the bar for the Magic Time Machine restaurant.


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