RevoltRevolt Tour- pt. 3

After a detour of another airport,  two of the guys from the band; Chris and Ben picked me up after their set from the show that night.  We had a bumpy ride back across town to Super Hapy Fun Land to try and catch Finn Riggin’s performance, who was also playing there that night as well as catch up with Jasin from the band. Jasin stayed there to stay with the merchandise.

The drive seemed like it took forever and the roads slowed us down a bit. I would like to declare Houston to have the worst roads I’ve ever experience. Between the potholes and bumps, it seemed like a few earthqaukes had paid a visit no taxes from the city to make repairs. I referred to them as “natural speed bumps”. After the “slow traffic area” road conditions, we found ourselves at the beginning of a train crossing. I took a moment to have a video blog with Mr. Brunn from the band.

Upon our arrival at the venue we pulled in and I heard The Grown Children performing my favorite song of theirs. I wanted to hurry and get out to go listen but we had to situate a parking spot. The venue will also be noted in my book as the most eclectic venue I’ve seen so far. Theatre style seating, painted walls with faces and other abstracts as well as a small area sectioned off as a store area. There was a lot to take in and not enough words could be used to describe this place. The best summary I have is a carnival with the live music in place of the rides.

One of my favorite performances of the evening I saw was The Constellation Branch. The drummer was quite a performer. I’ve never seen someone stand up to beat on the drums with as much intense energy as he had and sit back down continuing the song. During the breaks of the song I could see him holding back his energy, awaiting for his next part. At the end of their set he got up and knocked a few drums over during his stage exit. This band is my recommendation as a must see. I talked to their manager after the show and expressed interest of interviewing the band. The interview took place in their tour van and is available

After we left the venue, we drove back to the hotel RevoltRevolt stayed the night before. They worked out a great deal for a second night. I had my first Cup of Noodles ever and Brunn spiced it with my first RevoltRevolt tradition of Sriracha.


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