RevoltRevolt Tour- pt. 2

My Houston flight was accompanying by a resident from the area who shared some stories about her travels in the past week.  She had a business trip to Australia and as a fan from afar, I tried creating a conversation to find more information about the lifestyle there.  She didn’t seem too excited to talk about it but when we started flying in to the airport she had a lot of enthusiasm on talking about places to eat in Houston.  After I landed and the pilot informed us we can turn on our cell phones, I had a text and phone call from Eric of Finn Riggins.  Prior to leaving SLC, I let him know I was going to be arriving later than planned in Houston.  During the planning of the tour he let me know if I needed a ride from the airport in case my plans changed, they would try and help me out if needed.  RevoltRevolt was going to pick me up at 1pm, the original time before the change in my flight but when I found out I was going to arrive a few minutes before 6pm I knew I would have to rearrange a ride.  They were going to be playing that night at 6pm.  Finn Riggins and RevoltRevolt were playing at the same venue that night but when Eric found out how far IAH airport was, he didn’t think they would be able to pick me up in time for their set.  Chris from RevoltRevolt texted me to let me know they can pick me up from the airport after their set around 7pm.

I grabbed my luggage and found a seat in the back area of baggage claim.  I found the waiting time to be a great opportunity to clean my music library and some other catchup items I don’t usually feel I have the time to complete.  Around 7:30pm, Chris called letting me know they had arrived and was trying to find the area of the airport to find me.  The Houston airport has always seemed a little confusing to me with all of the buildings, especially in the cylindar shapes.  I was standing in the middle of baggage claim turning in circles naming the exits to Chris, to see which door he was closest to:  North, South, East and West.  He didn’t see any sign that would point him in the direction of any of these exits, so I walked out one of the doors to describe the outside area I was located at.  Finally Chris asks what airport I’m in and I tell him George Bush.  He was at another airport and told me he would be there within the next hour.  I found another spot in the airport to station for some more work time.


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