RevoltRevolt Tour- pt. 1

The beginning of the trip started out exciting but more of a rush of anxiety.  Airports and I have a love/hate competition, this time BOI won.  The airline associates wouldn’t allow me to check in and my friend the “Challenger” the great debater questioned them about it. Apparently the lines are long for security and I said to myself “apparently they haven’t worked or traveled to another airport”.  In a matter of minutes after they charged me $50 to get on a different flight I breezed thru security and arrived at the terminal.  I think the people with the airlines wasted more of my time then it took me to walk across BOI.  What did I learn from this?  This airline has bad customer service and I will not fly with them again.    I waited an hour in the airport for the next flight and texted RevoltRevolt to let them know I will be in Houston 5 hours later than anticipated.

The Salt Lake airport reminded me of Boise’s with Wolfgang Puck available.  I found a seating area next to the windows to enjoy some sun and the scenery while I used the time to catch up on some computer work.  In the meantime, I sent a friend living in the area a text letting him know that I had a 4 hour layover.  He offered to meet me at the airport and kill some time.  We drove downtown satisfy my hungry stomach.

lunch during the 4 hour layover in SLC

My request to eat at a popular local restaurant, led us to The Bird’s Nest and I enjoyed a Hawaiian style sandwich known as the “Aloha Oink” a turkey sandwich with sweet  and spicy mango sauce.  I was anxious to get back to the airport because I didn’t want to have another problem with my flight, especially in a layover city.  We walked to my friend’s car witnessing the parking regulator writing us a ticket.  My friend approached him with his hand out for the ticket and the older gentleman shook his had with a bit of a relief.  There was a weird silence and the gentleman said, “I can’t give you this ticket.  You didn’t ask me to not give it to you, but instead you were accepting it.  I can’t give a ticket to someone who has approached me different from anyone else as respectful as you.  Everyone always tries to talk me out of them and I’ve never had anyone approach me the way you did and I appreciate it”.  My friend and I commend the man.  This was another time on one of my travels I think to myself “I need cds on me from artists I help promote!”  I wanted to give this man something in appreciation to his gratitude, especially after all of the complications I felt I was experiencing this far in the day.

Back at SLC in the security check, I noticed a thick of southern accents.  Driver’s license were in the hands of these people while waiting to check with security and I wanted to see where they were from.  Seemed a little strong for Texas, but I’m not the one to be an expert on that.  No luck at this point figuring it out, but I found them all at the terminal for my flight to Houston.

When the plane for Houston arrived, bickering starting in the terminal and I heard “we are flying on this to Houston?”  I was hoping when I booked my flight it was just the airline I was using when I would fly to Florida that only used the small jets for the trip.  This was another bad mark I was reporting in my book for this airline.  This made the decision for me to only fly with the gold and orange an any flights to Houston.  I’m not going to test any more airlines.


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