RevoltRevolt Tour- countdown

“The End’s Not Near” is randomly playing from my night tunes playlist and the words are fitting to my most recent pondering within this last week. I guess it didn’t start this week but the development of my thoughts into feelings have and it all started getting complicated thereafter. So I just stopped the thinking and paid attention to the feeling then future anticipation of events started overwhelming me. There are a lot of great things happening right now and possibilities of great things to come still, but I almost feel like I’m at the edge of my seat during the climax of a movie but instead of being able to sit back and watch, I have be the director. One of the most critical points of a movie that a critic will analyze is the climax and the results. So how is preparing for your first promotional tour using all the professional and personal experiences you’ve ever known different? The climax is the data I will be reporting back to the sponsors and the results, well are self-explanatory. Did this meet the sponsors expectations? Is there an audience for this? What is the next step? Backward/Foward. But before the climax and the results can be created there is a buildup to the climax. Right now, every second of my days until the tour begins is the buildup to the climax. Contacts to be made, sponsorships finalized, packing for 2.5 weeks of living on the road and preparing my other work to be on hold until my return, as well as keeping up on my college studies.

I remember hearing or reading a quote along the lines of “….great things happen all at once” and when I think I’m inolved in too much, this makes me feel better. I just don’t want to miss anything while I’m staying busy, but at the same time what is everyone else missing out on?

Now I hear: “Saints that don’t want to be found….” Once again my speakers are the voice of my heart and everytime I simplify my passion for what I do back to that, it doesn’t feel like there is such a battle to fight. Just living for what I love doing. One of the biggest goals I’ve set for myself is just around the corner.

…and so the countdown for living exclusively for what I love begins!


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